Festival Hacks to Make Your Festival Experience More Enjoyable and Less Stressful

Festivals are a blast but can be a lot of work. Whether you are a music lover, a first-timer, or a veteran, these hacks will help you prepare and stay safe this summer.


A portable phone charger is essential for keeping up with your social feed and avoiding those pants-shitting moments when your battery dies. Plus, you’ll reduce waste by using reusable water bottles and food containers.

Music festivals are all about having a good time, but preparing for anything that might happen is important. Whether you want to avoid getting sodden in a rain shower or find it difficult to get your tent clean, there are many festival hacks that can make the whole experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

For example, bin bags are incredibly useful at music festivals because they can be used for all sorts of things. They’re great for keeping rubbish separate, doubling up as emergency ponchos and protecting your clothes from mud and water. You can even use them to carry out your rucksack contents when it’s time to go.

Another handy trick to keep your things organised is using ziplock bags and attaching them to your rucksack with carabiners. This will ensure that all your belongings stay secure and you don’t lose any valuables during your journey to and from the festival site. You can also use these hacks to store snacks and other small items so that they are easily accessible.

A reusable water bottle is another important piece of equipment to have at a music festival because it can help you avoid spending money on overpriced drinks. It’s also better for the environment because it reduces single-use plastic waste. You can also pack your own meals in reusable food containers, which will save you money and prevent you from eating overpriced festival foods.

Having a folding stool can also be extremely helpful at a music festival. This will help you to keep your feet off the ground and prevent them from getting sore during the daytime. If you’re looking for a portable stool, there are plenty of options available online that will suit your needs.

Having a good quality waterproof tent and packing the right supplies is crucial to a comfortable music festival experience. If you’re new to music festivals, it’s best to assume that your luggage might be lost or stolen. That way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t happen. You can also reduce the chance of your phone going missing by setting up a lock screen with your friends’ phone numbers. This way, if your phone does get stolen, you’ll have a chance of getting it back by calling your friend!

Frozen Water Bottles

Whether you’re planning on going to one of the new music festivals or an old favourite, here are some amazing tips and hacks to make your festival experience unforgettable. They cover everything from food to camping to keeping safe, as well as some awesome swag that you may not have thought of!

One of the most overlooked and best festival hacks is frozen water bottles. By putting a few of these at the bottom of your cooler, they take much longer to melt than ice cubes and will keep all of your food and drink cold. Plus, it also helps prevent the bottom of your cooler from getting wet and soaked.

To use this cool festival hack, simply rinse out the bottle and place it in a plastic bag before freezing. It’s a great demonstration for students, as it shows how water expands when it freezes, which in turn breaks the bottle. It’s a fun way to show how different substances behave differently when they change state, and it’s a great addition to any science unit about weathering or freeze-thaw cycles.

Another handy tip is to spread a little salt over the ice cubes before placing them in the cooler, as this lowers their freezing point, and keeps your drinks cold for longer. This is especially useful if you’re camping, as most festival campsites don’t have electricity to run fridges.

Portable Stool

Festivals can be tiring, especially if you are stuck in the same spot for a long time. So one handy TikTok music festival hack is to bring a portable stool with you. This will allow you to sit down and rest your legs while waiting for your favourite acts to take the stage. Plus it’ll save you from puddles of questionable liquid or sitting next to someone’s half eaten burrito!

This folding stool from Rover is a great option for festivals as it’s lightweight and folds up small enough to fit into a backpack. Plus it locks firmly in place once you have it opened. It’s also designed to be sturdy and stable, and the seat height is perfect for watching bands at the back of the field. It can even be used as a camping stool, kids stool or as a table for food and drink at a festival.

Another useful tip for music festival goers is to bring along vitamin C tablets like Berocca. These will help to boost your immune system and reduce hangover symptoms. They are also handy for if you’re feeling a bit run down during the festival. If you aren’t a fan of Berocca there are plenty of other supplements you can take which are just as effective. Just make sure to do your research before purchasing any supplements online. It’s always best to stick to the recommended dosages. Plus remember to take plenty of water with you to stay hydrated! The last thing you want is to feel dehydrated during a festival.

Lock Your Phone

Festival season is an amazing time to see your favorite artists live, discover new music and dance with a community of people that share your passion. But it’s not without its challenges. Whether it’s the sweltering summer heat, limited shower facilities or queues for everything from food to booze, music festivals can be frustrating. However, there are plenty of hacks that can make your weekend at the festival a whole lot smoother.

One of the biggest festival hacks is to lock your phone. Phone theft is an unfortunate part of the festival experience and it can be incredibly costly to replace a phone or lost data. While PLUR is a prevalent mindset at festivals, pickpockets are still present at festivals and use a variety of sneaky tactics to get your valuables. This is why locking your phone is a must – you can keep it in a zipped compartment of your bag, in a secure inside pocket or even on a lanyard around your neck.

It’s also a good idea to have your friends phone numbers saved as your lock screen image. This way if your phone does go missing during the festival (maybe it’s dropped in the crowd or left in a portal) then whoever finds it can contact your friend and get your phone back to you.

Lastly, it’s always useful to bring a portable charger. This will help to ensure that you don’t run out of battery during the festival and can record the awesome acts you’re seeing. Portable chargers are relatively cheap, and some are solar-powered too, meaning you can recharge them with the sun during breaks.